Silly Billy by Anthony Browne


As mentioned before, Anthony Browne is one of the best storytellers due to his use of hidden clues within the illustrations.

Silly Billy is a young boy who is a worrier. His worries seems to be linked to anything and everything and the poor lad just can’t help it.


Billy is introduced to a wonderful way of dealing with this: sharing his worries. He begins to make worry dolls on the advice of his Grandmother and how this turns out shows what a caring, lovely person Billy is.

His fears and worries are superbly displayed in the subtle ways that Anthony Browne excels at. The changing wallpaper is a great way to make readers discuss how emotions impact on our surroundings.

Now for the teacher bit. Anthony Browne is one of the best authors to use for PHSCE and this book is one of the most obvious. It the lead up to big changes or events, such as SATs, sharing and working with this text would benefit the well-being of pupils.

images (2)

These gorgeous worry dolls show how DT can be developed and as the origins of the dolls is explained, further research of one of the globes lesser known countries would be a great geographical link.

Dolls were taking from the fabulous blog by the Paper Obsessed Teacher. 

In a world were anxious children live, this book is a must for every class teacher.


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