The Troll by Julia Donaldson and David Roberts


Julia Donaldson is amazing, because she is both prolific and each text is a rich, well-thought out tale.  This makes her ideal for a KS1 author of the term as she has so many books covering a range of subjects.

The Troll is a fabulous twist on a well-known tale.  His dreadful life of living under a damp bridge eating fish which he dislikes is something he just about can bare.  When at last something new to eat crosses his bridge, he is convinced to move on to search for a more substantial meal.  At this point, his adventure begins.

At the same time a crew of slightly silly pirates are blundering their way around the seven seas and succeeding rarely.  At some point you know these strange characters will meet and when they do it is well worth the wait.


Now for the teacher bit.  As mentioned before, Julia Donaldson is a master of rhyming and the development of oracy as a result make her books a must for younger learners.  Creating finger puppets like those below would be a great way to develop role-play and DT as part of the learning based on this text. Fantastic characters and a range of settings means that the opportunities for descriptive writing are clear.  Also duel story aspect is great for exploring the use of time connectives such as ‘meanwhile’ which are complex for the intended audience.  A geography link can be developed through the exploring of rivers as the story shows the journey of a river to the sea.


A delight to share and great twist on a known tale.  Don’t be like the pirates and be late to this treasure.

Finger puppets from the Inside Out and About blog – 

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