Alex & Alex by Ziggy Hanaor and Ben Javens

What a wonderful book that I think every child making their first steps socially should have read to them. Alex and Alex are two friends who illustrate why being yourself is important.

Alex loves to do a variety of things and so does the other Alex. Ziggy Hanaor shares with us all this lovely friendship between two young children and how they explore the world around them. And how they do this is constantly side by side accepting each others likes and dislikes…until one point when the friendship hits a rocky patch.

Ben Javens is quite clever to not provide any real hints regarding gender, which is very much the point. Children will see themselves throughout the story as each page shares a different fun thing to do being enjoyed in bold, bright colours and a playful style.

Now for the teacher bit. Not making how a child sees themselves to be a closed view starts in EYFS. Children need to be encouraged to enjoy activities based on the activity alone, not if it something that has a gender stereotype. Presenting books like Alex & Alex opens up the debate at a level the children can understand.

Like Alex & Alex, everyone should get along and give this story a go.

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