Curious Creatures Glowing in the Dark by Zoe Armstrong & Anja Susanj

I’ve been saying it for a while now, but is there anyone better than Flying Eye Books at non-fiction for children? They constantly take the natural world, give it a shake and see what wonderful curiosity it can present to us in a beautiful manner. With Curious Creatures Glowing in the Dark by Zoe Armstrong and Anja Susanj, they have done it again.

As an avid reader of non-fiction, I always smile when a book title says exactly what is in store for the reader. Lots of crazy information about creatures that defy common sense and seem to create their own light? Check! A whistle stop tour of the globe so you know where to find these wild, wondrous animals? Check! Explanations about how a New Zealand glowworm uses sticky goo to catch its prey; similar to how a spider uses a web? Check! Except a spider doesn’t have the need for a glow in the dark bottom to attract flies to its web…

What I like most about this is the pitch. Often, non-fiction feels like is is aimed at the upper end of primary school or is so brief that it is for the youngest of readers. In this case, I feel as though it would be perfect for those Y3 and Y4 children thirsty for cool facts and ace graphics.

Now for the teacher bit. Of course this text is amazing for your science lessons on adaptation or even light, but the real joy is the other curriculum subjects you can explore with it. A fantastic activity would be to chart the locations the animals live at, which are littered throughout the book – New Zealand, Wales and Japan to name a few. If you want to explore the origins of words then this is a winner as well. Etymology fans will have a field day with this book.

An enlightening read – see what I did there!?

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