The Comet by Joe Todd-Stanton

Sometimes simple stories are what the heart needs. They sing on for far longer than other tales. The Comet is such a story.

Nyla loves her life, her life of making up stories, fresh air and fun outside, of smiles and laughter with her father – a life that anyone would want to lead. However, life can’t always be plain sailing and Nyla’s life is thrown off course by the winds of change.

A move to the city, a new job for dad, a new school and no friends, this is Nyla’s life now. She pines for her old life in the open spaces, but that isn’t her main issue. Her father has more demands from work placed on him, and this impacts on Nyla even more. The strong bond between the father and daughter is so well crafted that you feel the sadness as the father becomes increasingly busy.

Fear not, this is a story of hope and a happy ending awaits the reader.

Joe Todd-Stanton is an amazing storyteller. His ability to create the perfect fusion of picturebook trappings with graphic novel style is a joy to behold. Although he creates great adventures, such as the Brownstone series, it is in quieter settings like The Comet that he shines.

Now for the teacher bit. This book would be perfect for any new children in your class. Moving home, starting new schools and making friends are some of the biggest challenges a child can face, so sharing The Comet with new children is a great way to let them know that it is all about creating new, positive memories.

Vibrant, beautiful, soulful – a sincere, sensitive story of hope.

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