The Ancient Egypt Sleepover by Stephen Davies

The geek in me honestly thinks the coolest thing ever is to sleep over at the British Museum, and Mo gets to experience this thanks to winning a writing competition. After a brief bit of sightseeing – Lord’s Cricket Ground, Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussauds – a once in a lifetime experience certainly becomes that, for all the wrong reasons.

The sleep over starts off in a normal manner – chit chat amongst the other winners, rules laid out by over-excited organisers and the odd bit of creepiness that threatens a good night’s sleep. There is even an obnoxious bully who has managed to win a place. Pretty standard stuff until someone drugs the entire party hoping to steal the rare artefacts!

Heist stories are always thrilling, and this one is no exception. Mo and his friends find themselves in a situation in which the adults are useless and the peril they face is very real. Stephen Davies does a great job at making the story rattle along at a good pace, while developing characters at the same time.

Now for the teacher bit. As a teacher, I often see people asking for books linked to their history topics. Finding good books linked to the ancient civilisations is much harder than you think. Stephen Davies does a great job in presenting the discovery of Tutankhamun by Howard Carter: he has littered the book with cool facts of this event and of ancient Egypt. I particularly like the use of hieroglyphics in the story and can easily see this being extended into an activity for your class.

A perfect read for Year 3 and 4.

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