History of Rock for Big Fans and Little Punks by Rita Nabais & Joana Raimundo

I was inspired to write this review after the recent passing of a member of a band that I loved. I went and listened to some tracks and was inspired to dig out this cracker of a non-fiction all about rock.

Who doesn’t love a rock song? Everyone has a favourite and most likely the artists who brought you that joy will be featured here. A simple structure that starts with the birth of rock and roll with the likes of Buddy Holly and Elvis to more modern bands like Vampire Weekend.

With a clear layout, great portraits and very thorough research, it is hugely entertaining and informative in equal measure. I do like the different groupings for certain styles or trends. Flannel shirts for Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden is genius.

I was intrigued to learn that the book was originally a part of a kickstarter campaign. To then be be picked up by a more established publisher shows what a fantastic job the creators did.

Now for the teacher bit. Sharing the joy of music is something everyone should do and as a teacher you can cherry pick the artists to expose the children to. Of course, rock stars are flawed and their mistakes highlighted for us all, so you may want to be selective.

Lets rock!

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