A Perfect Spot by Isabelle Simler

A Perfect Spot by Isabelle Simler is the perfect book to welcome in the warmer seasons. A lovely book to read in lovely weather – what more can you ask for?

A ladybird seeks a place to lay their eggs. In the hope of finding the ideal location to nurture her offspring, she travels across the countryside encountering all manner of mini beast; not all welcoming.

’Stick insects gather, furious and snarling. Scarlet with shame, the ladybird zooms off at once.’

The language chosen throughout is a delight, with a wonderful selection of words to draw the children in and for the adult to explain.

I adore the traditional style of the illustrations; they have the quailty of a detailed labour of love combined with modern day exquiste colour. It is hugely impressive that the mini beasts have hints of personailty while the art has shades of victorians cataloguing insects they encounter. However, like the very best picture books, the words could be removed and the tale enjoyed by all.

Now for the teacher bit. The final part of the book has a fantastic double page spread diagram of a ladybird which is fantastically detailed. This alone could be the basis of some great non-fiction writing. Yellow blood, poisonous, being a natural pesticide – just some of the amazing facts you can gleam from this single double page.

A beautiful book that belongs in every classroom.

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