The Curse of the Chosen by Alexis Deacon

Starting life as much shorter volumes known as Geis, Alexis Deacon’s Curse of the Chosen is a welcome addition to any graphic novel lover’s bookshelf. This fantasy tale with such a simple set-up is gripping and I can imagine any reader enjoying it.

When a leader of a land finally succumbs to death, the search for an heir becomes a huge undertaking. And rarely is it ever done without bloodshed! This is our starting point – a vast array of characters are present at the passing and they find they are the unsuspecting players in a game of life or death.

The curse the witch casts on all present pits friend against friend, brother against brother; all while asking them to compete in games with little or no rules. Like a Squid Games for fantasy fans!

Alexis Deacon has a wonderful style that leans into the sense of the story happening in a time gone by. It portrays characters in ways that visually allow the character to breath, to provide hints at who they are, and ultimately who they need to become to pass the trials that await them. The biggest compliment I can give is that when reading this, I felt I was revisiting the art of Moebius in a graphic novel I found in the library as a child. That book transformed me into a life-long reader!

Now for the teacher bit. Amazing graphic novels are a must for any class library. Many teachers are unaware of the fact that graphic novels generally expose children to a higher level of vocabulary. There may be fewer words that a standard novel, but those selected are often challenging and presented in a visually supporting context. Curse of the Chosen is a perfect example of this.

An amazing adventure that entraps the reader in the dilemma of life or death.

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