Ducks Overboard by Markus Motum

I was overjoyed to spot this book at a local store. Remembering watching Newsround way back in 1992 (although I thought it hadn’t happened that long ago) in disbelief at the weird and wonderful tale of a band of escapees. Markus Motum has created yet another amazing picture book inspired by real life events.

Told in first person from the viewpoint of one of the thousands of plastic ducks who were being shipped from China to the USA, yet never completed the trip, this story is one that entertains and educates in equal measure. When a storm hits, an unusual adventure begins…one that is still being ‘enjoyed’ today!

As anyone would expect, the illustrations are a joy. Minimal yet so well crafted, your eyes observe the basic shapes and then are drawn in by the small details that Markus Motum uses.

Now for the teacher bit. The whole book is basically crying out to be turned into a geography unit of work in KS2. There would be no doubt about pupil engagement and the study around the oceans of the world would be absolutely ace! At the end of the book is a handy non-fiction text that educates the reader about ocean currents and plastic pollution. It is ideal for teachers who need a reading comprehension linked to their geography curriculum.

A bonkers true life tale – absolutely quackers!

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