Monster Support Group: The Werewolf’s Tale by Laura Suarez

Lowell has a problem. He is hitting his teenage years and is starting to feel himself change. He talks to his dad…an awkward chat in which his father shares his own struggles at that time in his life. Problem is, Lowell isn’t just going through normal changes!

I shared this with my own little monster (a hectic 3 year old) and he loved it. In fact, it has been the bedtime read for over a week. If the little man gives it a huge thumbs up, that is enough for me.

As a child of the 80s, I am always here for stories of teenage werewolves facing down bullies and desperately trying to hide their ‘condition’. That said, Laura Suarez brings such charm that this stands apart from any werewolf stories that you may have read before. The framing of the tale using the support group is a clever idea and makes the reader naturally wonder which spook, ghoul or monster is next up to share.

Now for the teacher bit. More and more, teachers are becoming increasingly comfortable in using graphic novels and comic strips in their classrooms. Flying Eye Books, amongst others, are helping schools by producing a range of perfectly pitched stories that are not the traditional ‘superhero’ fare. The level of vocabulary and inferences that can be developed using graphic novels should not be underestimated. On top of that, there is even a history opportunity to be had as the story of Lycaon the king of Arcadia is shared. For anyone learning about Ancient Greeks, it is a handy link to make.

A howl lot of fun!

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