101 Bums by Sam Harper and Chris Jevons

I was lucky enough to get the chance to take part in the Lollies and got sent some great picture books designed to make children burst with laughter (and maybe snort a snot bubble or two).

101 Bums does exactly what it says on the tin – have lots of bums. So if you’ve ever wonder what a unicorn guff looks like or what baboons like to do, then you’re in luck. Funny and educational; you can’t beat that.

I asked our Y1/2 children to judge the picture book entries I had been sent…the winner was clear. Bums won the day and got every single vote!

Now for the teacher bit. This is when I pretend that you’d use this book to teach adjectives, verbs and adverbs (which you could), but lets be honest…you will read it to the little ones to make them howl with laughter. And that is as good a reason as any.

101 Bums will lead to 101 laughs!

One thought on “101 Bums by Sam Harper and Chris Jevons”

  1. What’s not to love? Bums, bums and more bums. It looks like great fun, and love your suggestions for teaching grammar from it…after the laughs! Thank you.


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